In his book, Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell claims that 10,000 hours of practice is key to success in any field. Having logged more than 20,000 hours as a UI developer, I have seen just about every type of challenge out there Рand I find it exciting to take on new ones every day.

Back in 1986 I got my first Apple IIE and learned BASIC programming. I was never the same since. I developed a great appreciation for, and understanding of, art and design –my parents are artists and musicians. My technical interests being stronger, I studied electrical engineering, and during co-op jobs for that program I found the opportunity to move into software engineering.

Front-end web development projects are my specialty. I have broad experience with web development and design, user experience, online marketing and web analytics for enterprise, small business and mobile.

If you need a resource for your project, just contact me via my LinkedIn page.

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